Nicolette Francey Asselin is a medical writer. She practiced medicine for many years and favored preventive medicine.  After she stops practicing in 1998 for health reasons, she continued writing about she had learned and practiced.

Writing Background:

She has collaborated on many publications, the Swiss Red Cross Almanac,, « Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health and Wellness » and « The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies » published by Rodale Press.  Presently, she is collaborating in a Health Series published by GetWell Education and a book on « Resilience in Health Care. »

Associations and Affiliations:  (past and present)

Personal Life:

Born in Switzerland, she came to the US in 1975. Subsequently, she obtained a Bachelor of Sciences with Honors as well as a Medical Degree at the University of KY Medical School.

She is married to Maurice Asselin, a retired Chemical Engineer,  VP of Major Developments at Champion International. They live in New Hampshire.

Her great-grandfather is Alexandre Francey, her father Luc Francey, her sister Anne Francey is married to Skidmore Professor and author, Hedi Jaouad, their daughter is Suleika Jaouad and son is Adam Jaouad.