Creative Resilience

In an age in which terrorism, natural disasters, illnesses, shootings, and wide-scale industrial errors and accidents are occurring with increasing frequency, there is a tremendous need to develop ways to cope with the aftershocks. Post-traumatic illnesses are on the rise, and we need to find new ways to curtail and prevent their rise. Building resilience has become an important topic. In this story, I tried to illustrate the ways our family dealt with a personal tragedy.  Cont

  'Suleika’s Shield' artist: Anne Francey
‘Suleika’s Shield’ artist: Anne Francey



Dr. Asselin’s Medical Background and Experience

Dr. Asselin graduated from the University of Kentucky Medical School in 1983. She did her clinical medical training at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City, where she practiced for many years. She worked for Executive Health and identified a need. She became the Medical Director for Corporate Wellness.1 In her position, her primary mission was to prevent illnesses and decrease healthcare costs for employers. She was the founder of a multispecialty group association called “The Doctor’s Consultants.”2

  • Patient Rights

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