Taste Buds

In this book, Nicolette Asselin explores the challenges of passing on a sound education in savory cooking early on.

2 - 1The author curtails objections faced by parents and offers a new bare answer, by describing her own experience, growing up in Switzerland, where she had developed sensible, sound and uncomplicated eating habits. In this narrative, the author offers simple but effective approaches and tactics to create healthy “Taste Buds,” for families and the medical profession.

Nicolette Francey Asselin, M.D. is a physician, writer and avid advocate for prevention. Through the course of her profession, she received honors and awards, contributed to Bestseller: “A Monster Chase.” She has participated in the International Red Cross Almanach, Prevention Magazine, the “Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health and Wellness,” “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies” published by the Rodale Press, and a series by GetWell Education.

In her medical career, she was affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital and Health System, an adjunct faculty at New York Medical College, and currently is involved with Getwell.org and the CorpWell Foundation on projects including education, prevention as well as preservation.